Adviser comfort

Kiwi, the adviser’s interface, was designed to be intuitive and ergonomic: agents quickly become familiar with the tool which simplifies their daily work. From computer-aided writing to knowledge base, all the features were developed to save the adviser’s time.

Discover KIWI The adviser’s interface
Vision 360° sur l'activité

360° vision on the activity

So that customers do not have to repeat their requests every time they call, the advisers work on universal cross-channel queues and can quickly access all the important information (customer information, history of interactions, product information, etc.) to answer customer requests in complete autonomy. You save time and improve your First Call Resolution rate.

Implication des conseillers

Involvement of the advisers

  • Kiamo allows you to optimize the skills and activities of the advisers so that they give their very best.
  • Assess the performance of your teams in real time using a centralized supervision interface.
  • React quickly so that your advisers can provide a better service to your customers (process, business speech, training, incentives, etc.).

Simplify the daily work of your teams.

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