Rue du commerce With Kiamo, RueduCommerce humanizes its Customer Relations

5 Pts Direct improvement in quality of service
1 Pt Improvement in recommendation rate
20% Reduction in re-call rate

RueduCommerce.com is one of France’s leading online retailers, specializing in the distribution of household items and personal equipment (IT, photography, sound, gardening, culture, etc.). RueduCommerce.com was voted best high-tech online sales website by French website visitors.

The requirement, stand out in customer relations

RueduCommerce, which processes the requests of 8 million unique visitors per month, places customers relations at the core of its strategy. The objective of its contact centers is to answer customer calls (orders, pre-sales, etc.) as efficiently as possible and solve problems (returns, complaints, etc.) to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The site has experienced continuous growth for several years, affecting the number of interactions to be processed. Furthermore, this fast-developing market is faced with stiff competition and increasingly demanding customers. For these reasons, RueduCommerce decided to stand out by increasing its customer relations and humanizing all its exchanges.

Before implementing Kiamo’s natively multi-channel software, RueduCommerce contact centers were equipped with separate solutions to manage some 5000 interactions every day. The advisers had to specialize to use these tools and were therefore unable to pool their work. In addition, these solutions lacked flexibility and the agents, supervisors and administrators took time to get used to them. In this context, RueduCommerce looked for a solution to make its teams more productive.

The solution kiamo intelligence in distribution

Chosen for its functional diversity, Kiamo fully satisfies RueduCommerce’s expectations. More than 100 agents use it daily to manage phone and social networks. It improves the overall management of inbound and outbound calls. Thanks to the “last call agent” functionality, a customer’s second call is redirected to the agent who replied the first time. Integration of the re-call rate into routing allows customers to be automatically redirected to a Customer Care team. In addition, recognition allows direct display of the customer number, or order number, on the agent’s workstation.

To further optimize customer satisfaction, RueduCommerce uses supervision dashboards with alerts to quickly detect waiting times or overly-long exchanges. As soon as the alert is triggered, mechanisms correct the problem and supervisors can listen to the automatically recorded conversations. In order to improve social network management, a keyword system has been integrated into Kiamo’s routing rules. Interactions from this channel are redirected to advisers whose skills match the type of interaction.

To optimize our customer relations, we needed a solid solution capable of handling many different activities and functioning as a virtual call center. The solution had to be easy to install and easy to start using. We wanted to keep control over the tool, independently of the IT Department.

Today we process 98% of posts on social media in under 50 minutes. In addition, the analytics are extremely intuitive, and it is easy to create the dashboards needed for advanced analyses by each supervisor. The ability to listen to poorly rated conversations helps us improve the quality of customer service. Kiamo software therefore enables us to improve our customer knowledge and experience.

Agnès Rosoor Operations Director

Concrete results greater customer satisfaction

5 Pts Direct improvement in quality of service
1 Pt Improvement in recommendation rate
20% Reduction in re-call rate

Installing Kiamo has improved the productivity of RueduCommerce contact centers. Users are now completely autonomous and can take advantage of the software’s functional diversity after just one day’s training.

The quality of service rate has gone up by 5 points since they started using Kiamo. The answering rate has increased by 5 points, and the rate of calls handled per day has increased from 90% to 95%, thereby reducing customer wait times. Optimized flow distribution and better load distribution have reduced the re-call rate by 20%. Overall, customer satisfaction has improved, with the recommendation rate up by 1 point, thanks to the use of Kiamo software.

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