monitor publications concerning your brand

With Kiamo, advisers can monitor mentions, notifications, comments and other posts from the social networks. Simple integration displays visitor publications on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

  • Customization of monitored social networks
  • Smart task distribution according to resources
  • Various social networks managed within a single interface
  • Integration with the main social network management solutions
Monitor your brand-related publications

manage private messaging systems of the social networks

Thanks to Kiamo, advisers can also process customer requests from private social network messaging systems. Kiamo has native connectors, allowing it to integrate into a contact center’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

  • Integration with Facebook Messenger
  • Processing of requests derived from Twitter Direct Messages
  • Native management of the LinkedIn professional network
  • Customization of connectors with other messaging apps
Manage private messaging

group messages in a conversation

Kiamo centralizes private messages exchanged with a customer within a single conversation thread. Customers can continue the conversation via the social network of their choice.

  • Real-time and simultaneous management of social networks
  • Centralization of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Social profile-specific response support tools
  • Exchange history and customer data access
Centralisez les messages dans une conversation

measure your performance on the social networks

Monitor your contact center’s social activity in real time. Assess the impact of your advisers’ actions via indicators tailored to customer relations on social networks.

  • More than 40 social network-specific indicators
  • Live interaction with advisers: messages, statuses, etc.
  • Consolidated social activity statistics
  • Printable and exportable statistical reports
Mesurez vos performances sur les réseaux sociaux

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