A smart distribution engine

Reduce the average processing time of your customer interactions by assigning them to the most competent adviser available with our smart engine. Integrate your own business rules with an intuitive tool to use the full potential of the solution.
You obtain a complete view of your resources and agents in real time.

1. Omnichannel capture

Kiamo centralizes all your customer exchanges in the same location, irrespective of the contact channel used.

Inbound calls, outbound calls, emails, Chat, Messaging, social networks, SMS, video-conferencing, digitized documents, etc., Kiamo groups all the communication channels natively in a common base.


2. Ordering

Kiamo organizes, sorts and prioritizes all your flows in accordance with your customer strategy.

Advisers, groups, teams, skills, schedules, queues, business rules, priorities, sort criteria, etc. Kiamo configuration is easy, intuitive and identical irrespective of the channel used by the customer.

3. Distribution

Taking into account all your business rules, the skills and availability of your advisers, Kiamo assigns each task (inbound call, email, callback, chat, etc.) to the most appropriate adviser.

Kiamo’s smart flow distribution engine uses the customer strategy defined to connect the customer with the best adviser. Interactions are distributed automatically or manually.

4. Measurement and management

Kiamo allows you to assess the contact center activity in real time via customizable supervision interfaces and consolidated dashboards.

Kiamo natively integrates over 800 real-time indicators and statistics. Contact center managers can therefore customize their views and act directly on advisers’ activity. These reports help to optimize the performance of the customer service on a daily basis.

The right answer at the right time

Kiwi natively integrates all channels in a common base. The adviser therefore has a unique interface, irrespective of the communication method chosen by the customer. Since the software is coupled with your CRM, the adviser can access the customer history and deliver immediate and relevant answers.

Know your customer

KIWI, the application designed for agents

Kiwi is the customer exchange management application for advisers. Customize Kiamo tools such as conversation guides, cross-channel history, qualifications, screen pop-ups, etc. simply and intuitively, and give your advisers the means to answer your customers efficiently.

Ergonomic and easy to use, Kiamo improves the productivity of agents by creating the best possible working conditions.

Kiwi pour les conseillers

Advanced reporting

Kiamo’s reporting tools allow you to monitor the overall performance of your contact center.
Using the statistics dashboard, the supervisor monitors agents’ activity in real time.
Over 800 natively ready-to-use indicators, customizable according to your business requirements, are available to help you improve customer satisfaction (NPS, CSAT, CES, etc.).

Kiamo Reporting

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