Technologisches Ökosystem rund um Kiamo

CRM, ERP, Qualitätsüberwachung, Workforce Management…
Kiamo vernetzt sich mit zahlreichen technischen Anwendungen und integriert sich perfekt in Ihre bestehende Telefonanlage oder IT-Umgebung.


Kiamo lässt sich problemlos in andere strategische Lösungen integrieren, um leistungsstarke Toolkombinationen zur Steigerung der Unternehmensproduktivität und Verbesserung Ihrer Kundenbeziehungen zu schaffen. Nutzen Sie ihr volles Potenzial, indem Sie sie mit Kiamo kombinieren.

Salesforce helps companies connect with their customers through sales, customer service and marketing tools.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution that enables companies to be ubiquitous, and to sell effectively.
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Oracle offers enterprises Network Session Delivery and Control Infrastructure solutions including SBC applications.
E-DEAL is a CRM software publisher offering a complete, modular and unified software platform.
As a global omnichannel marketing platform, Selligent orchestrates customer relationships for over 700 companies.
Adobe Campaign is a set of solutions for personalising and delivering campaigns across online and offline channels.
Coheris is a publisher of CRM and Analytics solutions for customer relationship management and data analysis.
Publisher and integrator of software for optimised planning of activities and Human Resources (Workforce Management).
OWI solutions use a revolutionary language understanding process to listen and optimise interactions.
French leader in customer experience management solutions for the implementation of effective action plans.
NICE specialises in the monitoring of telephone networks, through data recording and analysis.
Viavoo is a French publisher of customer experience management and social CRM solutions, grouped in a suite.
Complete platform for optimising customer engagement with proven, unified analysis solutions.
Business solution for handling all frontline messages on social and mobile networks.
The innovaphone PBX is a complete unified communications solution which is suitable for all company sizes.
InfleXsys is a digital services company specialising in the development of professional mobile applications.
NG Media offers a software platform that enables publishers to integrate the management of audio, video and web streams.
Zaion offers a complete voice-based solution for customer relationship management based on artificial intelligence.
Voxpay is a PCI-DSS and DSP2 compliant omnichannel solution for secure remote payments.
DialOnce orchestrates the contact paths (voice and digital) to meet your customers' needs


Kiamo nimmt in Zusammenarbeit mit den Verbänden für Kundenbeziehungen aktiv am Leben der Branche teil. Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam daran arbeiten, Unternehmen und die Wirtschaft durch die Erfahrung von Kunden und Mitarbeitern zu verändern.

Association for Customer Complaint Management.
French Customer Relations Association.

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