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our mission Simplify interactions. Human interactions


Our convictions are deeply embedded in our company, our software and our interactions:

  • we believe that every individual and every community of individuals can have a positive impact on their environment,
  • we believe that collaboration, trust and transparency help to create a common, shared and durable value,
  • we believe that technology must be at the service of users, not the opposite.
  • we believe that it’s the pianist who gives the score its full meaning. The role of the integrators is key here.

kiamo touch The footprint we want to leave

Kiamo Touch is our touch, modest but concrete, individual and collective; it is our signature and reflects our human values everyday day. Conecteo scored 86 out of 100 on the 2022 Gender Equality Index.

This ambition summarizes our convictions and the way the entire company addresses the 3 aspects of our development plan:



We pay great attention to the development of our employees (training, support), their well-being at work, harmonious daily relations, as well as equal opportunities and equal treatment. Conecteo places special importance on certain values: respect, trust, expertise and proximity.



We are building an eco-responsible company which takes into account environmental issues. We integrate eco-design in our product development, promote teleworking to reduce our carbon footprint and implement concrete actions to reduce our consumption of natural resources.



We privilege sustainable growth and harmonious and durable development to reward the stakeholders on the value created: in 2014 in particular, Conecteo decided to set up an employee participation plan.

Values of Kiamo


People first, consideration and healthy relations


Respect of commitments, transparency, long-term relations


Perfect knowledge of the market, quality, reliability, strong skills


Simplicity, attentiveness, accessibility, availability, humility

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