Customer Success tools

User workshops

Whether online or in person, these firmly business-oriented workshops are the opportunity to (re)discover features and talk with your peers.

Customer Success tools

Customized monitoring

Supporting you means meeting your requirements as closely as possible. Your CSM will therefore come to meet you on your premises.

Feedback from those who have already adopted the solution


MyKiamo allows me to exchange with other Kiamo users or experts and therefore obtain advice or tips quickly and easily.It is also a way of easily telling the publisher about any changes we would like made to the product, or voting for the suggestions of the other members.

Philippe LIZON

IS department - Nouvelle Aquitaine region

The suggestion box

I appreciate being able to submit and share my tool improvement ideas with the Kiamo community. And even more when they are taken up !

Sandrine RINGOT

Customer Relations Management - MACSF

Best practices

The MyKiamo documentary resources enabled me to make some slightly more technical settings myself. I mainly use it to share best practices with the other users, it is an excellent source to obtain new ideas and thereby improve the way we use KIAMO


Deputy General Manager -

User workshops

True opportunities to exchange best practices between users, as demonstrated by a workshop where a customer presented their satisfaction survey campaigns.This gave us a quick idea of the directions we could take and allowed us to reproduce the right methods.


Operation manager - CHUBB DELTA

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