Omnichannel Software to optimize your customer service

Our ambition : excellence in customer relations.
Equipped with a smart omnichannel engine and an ergonomic interface, the solution offers teams an unprecedented experience and operational efficiency.

Our objective : to offer an enhanced, sustainable and responsible customer relationship across all channels (voice, email, messaging, visual assistance, bots, chat, etc.).kiamo-solution-omnicanale

1. Omnichannel capture

Kiamo centralizes all your customer interactions in one place, whatever the contact channel.

Inbound calls, outbound calls, emails, instant messaging (including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger,…), SMS, visual assistance, bots (callbot, chatbot,…), chat, digitized documents… Kiamo natively brings together all communication channels in a common base.


2. Dispatching

Kiamo organizes, sorts and prioritizes all your flows in accordance with your customer strategy.

It’s all about hyper-customization: advisors, groups, teams, skills, schedules, queues, business rules, priorities, sorting criteria… Kiamo’s configuration is simple, intuitive and identical whatever channel the customer uses. For a customer relationship that’s just like you.


3. Distribution

Taking into account all your business rules and the skills and availability of your advisors, Kiamo assisgns each task (inbound call, callback, email, messaging, bot, chat…) to the most appropriate advisor.

Kiamo’s smart flow distribution engine is based on the defined customer strategy to match the customer with the best advisor. Interactions can be distributed automatically or manually.


4. Measurement and management

Kiamo lets you assess your contact center’s activity in real time, thanks to customizable supervision interfaces, and build your own consolidated dashboards.

Kiamo natively provides over 800 real-time and statistical indicators. Your contact center manager can customize as many supervision views as he or she likes, and act directly to adjust advisor activity. The reports created help optimize your customer service performance on a daily basis.


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