The voice : telephone customer relations at the heart of Contact Centers


While we might think that the telephone relationship is old-fashioned, outdated and outmoded, and that it has been overtaken by emerging communication channels, the unprecedented health and economic situation we are experiencing proves the contrary. Never before have we had such a need to create a link through the voice. 

The voice, a reassuring channel

Let us agree that the time of agents reading a script and impersonal exchanges is well and truly over.

The new era is all about personalised exchanges, advice and listening, and the voice channel is still the most effective in this “human-centric” perspective. It is the preferred means of contact for all situations with high added human value.

While chat is preferred for quick and concise contacts and e-mail for formal exchanges, the telephone remains the channel for emotion and reassurance.

The voice, an innovative channel

The telephone, the primary tool for customer relations, has been reinvented in recent years. While the technology itself does not change, the tools that surround it are evolving and multiplying.

Today, the choice of an effective solution is based on :

  • response support technologies such as automatic feedback
  • knowledges bases
  • and connections to third-party tools allowing a 360° view of the customer journey and enriching the user’s telephone experience.

Other tools such as speech analytics and D’autres outils comme le speech analytics and Intelligent call distribution guarantees the most relevant connection between a customer and a staff member. They have become essential to make the difference and guarantee Customer Relationship Excellence.

The voice, a plural channel

We often reduce the voice channel to calls coming into the contact centre. There is much more to it than that, including :

  • outbound call campaigns
  • call back
  • click-to-call
  • video
Moreover, the messaging media known as ‘digital’ (controlled by the fingers) are increasingly ‘vocal’ (controlled by the voice). Only one complete, innovative and adaptable solution can give this essential channel its rightful place today. With a solid IVR, users will be able to access the information they need independently. A complete IVR will include :
  • a graphic studio for building IVR scenarios
  • routing functions (DTMF, transfers, etc.)
  • a dedicated advisor function, reminders, overflows and deterrents
  • implementation of an intuitive voice customer journey

A solution enabling handling the treatment of incoming calls from the moment they enter the queue to the moment they leave the service is key to adapting queues to customer behaviour, including :

  • simple Drag&Drop configuration
  • Management of audio messages and announcements
  • Distribution according to the advisors activity’
  • Adjustment of the distribution according to the waiting time

High-performance solutions allow advisors to handle incoming calls in an intuitive interface. The advisor has access to all the customer data from the customisable file feedback: CRM, knowledge base, interview guides, etc. and can take direct action on the call: transfer, warning, etc., enter notes and qualifications in real time, send up manual or automatic files and trigger recordings.

To go further

We’re offering an “omnichannel” story to decipher the challenges and advantages of each media available in the Kiamo solution.

Join us very soon for the next part of our story: we will deal with “Email in Kiamo: a source of performance”.

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