Ensuring optimal omnichannelity to contact centers


Did you say omnichannel ?

The “omnichannel” concept is on everyone’s lips. Offering the possibility for customer services to mobilise all channels to better respond to consumers, it now includes innovative media that are particularly appreciated by Millennials (chat, social networks, etc.) in addition to traditional channels (telephone, email).

In fact, the british now use an average of 3.4 different channels to contact their customer service*. Emerging media (messaging, social networks, etc.) are experiencing a particularly strong growth, which has doubled in five years.  The same trend can be observed in Europe, with an average of 3.7 channels* being used.

Towards an optimised omnichannelity

How can we offer the same level of service on three, four or even five channels ? How can we guarantee a perfect homogeneity within the messages to consumers on their chosen channels ?

One key is to offer to contact centers agents (privileged contacts for consumers), solid tools, including :

  • a 360° view on customers interactions (to gain on expertise, productivity, but as well on comfort, as we know now the importance of symmetry of attentions, this intricate link between Customer satisfaction and Employee satifaction). At a glance, the agent will be able to view the emails, call reports and last invoice of the caller, for example, and offer an adapted and quick response.
  • help in prioritising the management of flows (by segmenting, for example, hot flows that cannot wait, such as calls and chat, and cold flows such as emails that can be answered during quieter times). The high level of parameterisation of the tool is crucial in this respect, in order to adapt to the level of activity and the employees present.

360° benefits

It has become strategic to respond to this evolution in consumer behaviour in order to gain customer satisfaction. Moreover, in a broader sense, everyone can benefit from a perfect omnichannelity.

Indeed, flexibility in Contact Centers brings immediate benefits to consumers:

  • reduced waiting time, 
  • an adapted reponse and a resolution increasement from the first call,
  • an optimisation of the seamless customer experience, tailored to each segments needs’

It’s also a win-win situation for the Contact Center which insures :

  • better productivity
  • a refined knowledge of the customer
  • a higher customer loyalty / retention rate
  • an increase in profitability

To go further  

We are offering you an “omnichannel” story to decipher the challenges and strengths of each media available in the Solution.

Join us again soon for our next episode!

In the meantime, discover how  Kiamo’s solution  can accompany you taking the omnichannelity into account.


*Source : Observatoire des Services Clients BVA 2019

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