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We all know that Customer Relations are changing constantly. Integrate the new digital uses, adapt to the company strategy, cope with the seasonal nature of your activity, anticipate changing customer behavior, etc. Kiamo can help you take up these challenges.

Kiamo intégration SI

CRM integration & 360° vision

Using reliable and up-to-date data that can be added to your own CRM database, you obtain a 360° vision of your customers and can quickly provide them with a context-sensitive answer.
This is what they expect.

Know your customer

Integrate your flows and business processes

The API and Web Services connectors natively available in Kiamo allow instant dialog with third-party applications. Kiamo’s features and data can therefore be incorporated in business tools, apps, web pages or processes.
Interface Kiamo easily with your IT environment: DB, Workforce Management, CRM, ERP, EDM, etc.

Integrate your flow

Telephone architecture

Kiamo is compatible with all telephone systems (PABX, IPBX, etc.) on the market, guaranteeing fast deployment without having to adapt the existing installation (Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Avaya, Aastra, Siemens, Mitel, Microsoft, etc.).

  • Independence with respect to telephony, thereby allowing teleworking
  • CTI coupling for inbound and outbound flows
  • Dedicated features: automatic screen pop-ups, click-to-call, etc.
  • Calls distributed to agents present on different sites

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