Why you must manage your emails as your calls

gérer ses emails comme ses appels

Today, it is usual to manage email flows via messaging tools such as Outlook, Gmail and Lotus. Indeed, exchanges with customers often go through a dedicated email address (generic or not) and this can give the illusion of functionalities equivalent to a phone number.

However, a messaging tool for managing email requests is simply the counterpart of a telephone extension for managing calls. It only allows to connect two people (or more).


The priority: the intelligent distribution of flows

Mesurez le volume de dossiers

The efficiency of a contact center lies, among other things, in its ability to intelligently distribute flows. The vast majority of them are equipped with customer relations tools to control calls and thus route them via an IVR, redirect them to another department in the event of overflow, and dissuade them in the event of unavailability. These tools allow you to distribute and supervise telephone exchanges, to establish reports and even to offer the possibility of screen pop-ups from a business software.

All this is not only possible but also particularly recommended for email management!

We therefore propose to review the advantages of managing email with a customer relationship management tool such as Kiamo.

  • A unique interface for advisers

First of all, advisers benefit from a single interface for handling customer interactions. They no longer need to juggle between different tools.

The emails that are presented to them are already prioritized according to the rules in place. Advisers no longer need to check the inbox to see which emails are most urgent. Moreover, the addition of a semantic solution reinforces the native distribution intelligence of the solution.

Similarly, they can schedule the time of representation of an email that is not immediately processed. The organization and planning of tasks is optimized.

Kiamo’s native omnicality gives them an instant 360° view of interactions on all media. As soon as they receive the email, they can see whether exchanges have already taken place by email, telephone or any other media managed by Kiamo.

Just like for calls, the customer identification form provides them with the necessary information for processing requests, whether linked to the business software (CRM) or via the knowledge base.

In addition, the library of standard sentences and email templates ensures greater quality in exchanges. These are set up, including attachments, thus ensuring consistency in answers, compliance with processes and grammatical and spelling quality. The use of variables also allows automatic personalization of content. We could also mention conversation tracking, shared drafts or automatic answers, among others, which save time in writing responses.

Last but not least, CSS styles guarantee a harmonious graphic charter and a professional formalism.

  • An optimized supervision

For supervisors, who benefit from better management and more extensive support for their advisers, manual dispatch, which requires a resource, is a thing of the past.

The automatic distribution of emails is based on the intelligence of the Kiamo engine and is done according to the criteria of skills, activities and priorities that you have defined. They are distributed by name, without the risk of not being taken care of or of being processed by two employees at the same time. If you prefer manual distribution of emails, this is still possible.

Kiamo also allows you to track the processing history of an e-mail and to set up management rules for “overdue” e-mails. Thus, an email that is delivered and not processed within 24 hours can be sent to a specific service.

The functionality of validation of emails by a supervisor, in the same way as listening, favors the coaching of employees. This enables the adequacy of the response and the quality of the exchanges to be checked before being sent, and thus helps agents to improve their skills.

Finally, e-mails benefit from the same indicators as calls and real-time monitoring on the supervision system. This makes it easier and more fluid to manage the activity.

  • Efficient reporting

Management teams have access to reports that allow them to monitor activity and implement action plans. It is no longer necessary to “baton” to know the number of emails received! The data of the activity dashboards are all centralized in the same place. The calculation of the indicators is homogeneous between the media. A processing time will be calculated on the same milestones whether it is a call or an email.

The qualification of interactions allows a more advanced analysis of the types of requests. Just like for calls, they can be mandatory for emails. They allow you to have a very synthetic data without taking into account all the exchanges.

Finally, Kiamo solution is very open: it can be connected to a business intelligence solution and thus build personalized dashboards for your business.

In conclusion, the change of tool leads to a break in our methods, habits, and professional exchanges, but allows for a real and lasting improvement in working conditions.

Advisers alternate between calls, emails and chats according to the distribution settings and break with the monotony of a single flow.

Users who have taken the plunge are delighted !


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