simplified management

Through the detailed analysis of your contact center activity, various tools are made available to you. You can manage the different levels of agent skills, plan advisor activities in advance so that interactions benefit from the full power of the intelligent distribution engine. You can also intuitively set up your IVR to distribute the right task to the right agent and facilitate your teams’ daily work.

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Kiamo facilitates supervision and allows you to optimize your KPIs at a glance. You can monitor the efficiency of your teams with the help of 800 native indicators, specially designed for each medium (number of messages processed, duration of interactions, response time, etc.).

You supervise in real time all the activity of your consultants. You have a complete history of all interactions, and can intervene directly with your advisors: listening, real-time assistance (blowing, messages…) The supervision views and reports are customizable, exportable and adaptable to all media

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Our users report an average of 15% productivity gains for their teams when using Kiamo(1)

A 360° view, unified management, real-time monitoring, everything is combined to improve the efficiency of your contact center

(1) sample of Kiamo users – average as of 01/12/2021

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