ADVISOR'S comfort

Kiwi, the advisor’s interface, has been built in an
intuitive and ergonomic way, in order to make it
to make it easier for agents to learn and work
work of the agents. From assisted drafting
from assisted writing to the knowledge base, all
the knowledge base, all the functionalities have been developed to
to save time.

DISCOVER KIWI the advisor interface

360° VISION on the activity

o avoid customers repeating their requests with each call, advisors work on universal multi-channel queues and all essential information (customer information, interaction history, product information, etc.) is quickly accessible to them so that they can respond to customer requests independently.
You save time and improve your First Call Resolution rate.


EFFICIENCY of advisors

Kiamo allows you to optimise the skills and activities of your advisors so that they can make the most of their expertise.
You can monitor the performance of your teams in real time via a centralised supervision interface.
You react quickly to help your advisors to better satisfy your customers (processes, business discourse, training, incentives, etc.)

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