KIWI, the advisor interface by Kiamo

With Kiwi, you can handle all customer interactions within a single interface, designed to optimize the employee experience.
Ergonomics, 360° vision, personalization, remote working, connection to other applications, security : Kiwi has been designed by and for its users.
User-friendliness and efficiency guaranteed !

100% UX design


  • Adaptable to all applications

– Sequential vs. multi-tasking
– Push vs. Pull
– Voice vs. written media

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Fluid navigation
  • Visual comfort
  • Rapid adoption



  • Administrator customization according to your contact center needs
  • Advisor refinement for a customized user experience

– Indicator selection
– Choice of themes, colors and fonts
– Element layout
– Sound settings
– Save preferences



  • 360° view of all channels
  • Inbound / outbound flows
  • Prioritization of hot / cold flows

Native remote working


  • Fluid advisor management
  • No additional equipment required : mobile, box, analog are all you need
  • Service continuity

High connectivity


  • Connection to third-party applications (ERP, WFM…)
  • Contact sheet pop-ups (CRM)
  • Forms and conversation guides
  • Access to directories
  • Knowledge bases

Secured platform


  • Identification and agent log-in
  • Password required
  • Manual change for each user
  • Customizable complexity control

My discussions with our users have highlighted the importance of having a single, ergonomic tool for advisors. Their feedback is unanimous : Kiwi is simple, the interface is pleasant to use and makes for greater efficiency.

Cécile Piolet Customer Success Manager Kiamo

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