BOULANGER CUSTOMER CARE, Kiamo, the solution for an engaging employee experience

“How can we take care of our customers if we don’t take care of our teams?”

Boulanger Customer Care, Boulanger France’s Contact Center, is part of the group’s desire to be ever closer to its customers and to offer them a seamless omnichannel experience thanks to Kiamo. The company, concerned with an optimal user experience for its agents, particularly appreciates the intuitiveness of the solution.

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In short, why did 'Boulanger Customer Care' choose Kiamo

Grégory Leleu

Kiamo allows us to manage the right balance between the flows we receive, the skills of our employees and the staff we need.

Grégory Leleu Projects & Innovation Manager Boulanger Customer Care

Kiamo in two words: Efficiency (because the console distributes contacts automatically and smoothly) and Agility (because it is easier to control in real time and to make adjustments).

Audrey Deregnaucourt Team Manager Boulanger Customer Care

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