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The Groupama subsidiary chose Kiamo to improve its customer relations The Groupama subsidiary chose Kiamo to improve its customer relations

90 days Time to roll out the Kiamo project
90% Quality of service rate
< 1 min Average customer wait time

Amaguiz is no. 1 in online insurance in France and belongs to the Groupama Group. Amaguiz offers different types of insurance over the internet (car, home, health, supplementary coverage, animals, etc.). As an innovative insurer, it offers its customers an optimal solution for building and tailoring their insurance policies to suit their individual needs.

The requirement, implement a solution in three months


In the months before it launched, Amaguiz decided to set up an effective multimedia contact center giving priority to the quality of customer contact. Surveys conducted with potential leads had shown that a key to success when selling insurance online was to humanize the digital relationship through a dedicated adviser and a customised multimedia customer relationship.

The insurer had 3 months to choose and implement a multimedia platform for managing telephone, email and fax exchanges. To guarantee a high level of service to Amaguiz customers, the platform had to meet 3 criteria: a dedicated adviser, multichannel management and advanced task distribution.

The tool also had to integrate into a structure built on the Lean Six Sigma principles and eliminate any variability in the processing of tasks. The tasks were therefore handled in the same way as a call. An adviser who had hung up but was busy processing a call was not to be disturbed. The processing of the call was therefore considered as a task in its own right (like responding to an email, following up on a quote, web callback, etc.). This is a purely relationship-based business approach, focused on complete customer satisfaction, a key factor in the development of Amaguiz.

The solution kiamo ergonomic and easy to use

A project group made up of Amaguiz Customer Service Executive Management board members and Groupama’s IT team met the first service providers in February 2008. The Kiamo solution quickly stood out for its ergonomics and ease of use. Other solutions were ultimately rejected due to their complexity and production timeframes. Once the decision was made in March, the project teams at Amaguiz and Conecteo worked together to reach their set target of launching platform production in July 2008.

Kiamo is used mainly to receive calls from leads and to manage campaigns following up on quotations. This was why Kiamo was associated with Cleva, a business software package for companies, mutual insurance companies and brokers covering all insurance segments. As soon as an action arrives in the system (email, fax, post or call), Cleva informs Kiamo, which then distributes it to the dedicated adviser. Each task is assigned a priority level that is taken into account during distribution. If advisers are unavailable, voice response takes over by offering the customer a callback. Kiamo’s web callback function also offers this possibility on

At Amaguiz we are unable to dedicate someone full time to managing the call system settings. Kiamo is easily configurable by a user with no IT skills, allowing supervisors and administrators to be completely autonomous.

The Kiamo software went into operation efficiently, easily and rapidly. The success of this project was largely due to the availability and commitment of the Conecteo teams. Putting the platform into production in less than 4 months would not have been possible without their responsiveness and professionalism.

Régis Broc’h Organization Manager

Results reflecting the growth

90 days Time to roll out the Kiamo project
90% Quality of service rate
< 1 min Average customer wait time

When it was launched, the Amaguiz contact center consisted of 12 positions. Agents and supervisors benefited from on-site training, followed by start-up assistance. The success of Amaguiz, partly due to the communication set up, led to a rapid increase in the number of advisers. The service now consists of over 180 positions. On the whole, operators appreciate the user-friendliness of the Kiamo interface.

Today, for example, supervisors no longer develop their own views. They simply use the default supervision screen to obtain an overall vision of agents and services in production, helping advisers to save time and increase productivity.

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