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MACSF The MACSF contact centers benefit from unified interactions with Kiamo

100% Percentage of daily flows processed
÷4 Number of software systems used by advisers
2h Average time to train advisers

The MACSF Group is an insurance broker for healthcare professionals and their families, including independent contractors, hospital workers, employees, students and pensioners. Leader in its field, the MACSF Group represents over 950 000 members. Its products and services meet the real needs of healthcare professionals by taking into account changes in their industry.

The requirement, customise exchanges with customers

MACSF’s Member Relations and Customer Service Department consists of 6 contact centers located in various French cities. More than 400 advisers, centers and agencies work with Kiamo software. Customer service planning and supervision are handled by a team of 20 managers.

Before the roll-out of Kiamo, customer services operated in isolation. Advisers used several tools to process problematic interactions: this meant multiple interfaces, no customer information, manual qualifications and other issues. The supervisor accessed partial statistics due to having to use different data sources, and was unable to support advisers correctly, since simultaneous listening was impossible, for example.

All these difficulties had a negative impact on member customer experience, as there was a lack of customized processing and limited choices when it came to contacting MACSF. Processing delays increased due to poor interaction distribution.

Overall, adviser productivity was not optimized and member customer satisfaction was affected.

The solution kiamo for a unified interface

After comparing several solutions on the market, MACSF ultimately chose Kiamo customer exchange management software. The solution was validated by the Member Relations Department and the Information Systems Department.

The choice allowed MACSF to unify member interactions in a single interface. Kiamo software was gradually put into place over the course of a year. The first batch – voice channels – was rolled out in less than 6 months. The remaining channels were installed over the following 6 months.

Today MACSF uses Kiamo to process inbound and outbound flows: calls, emails, chat sessions, web callbacks, post and other digitized documents. All these flows are automatically distributed to the most competent advisers, in accordance with business rules defined by MACSF. The IVR server offers member customers an improved welcome to the contact center. The adviser uses a single interface, which integrates complete customer data and response support tools. The supervisor has customizable views to help them monitor customer service activity in real time and interact live with advisers.

Thanks to Kiamo, customer interaction distribution was optimized with total ease. Advisers use a single interface and context-sensitive tools that promote productivity. Kiamo is an easy-to-use solution requiring only two hours of adviser training before they are able to work independently.

Each manager has their own customized view, which helps improve customer service performance. The software’s immense flexibility ensures that an effective, personalized customer strategy can be put in place, guaranteeing our member customers’ total satisfaction.

Bao An NGuyen Phuoc Member Relations and Customer Service Department Deputy Director

Concrete results more autonomy

100% Percentage of daily flows processed
÷4 Number of software systems used by advisers
2h Average time to train advisers

With Kiamo, the Member Relations Department gained autonomy with respect to the IS Department and telephony. Users appreciate Kiamo’s ergonomic and intuitive design, and make daily use of its wealth of functionalities. Thanks to the smart flow distribution engine, advisers are able to handle 100% of daily interactions.

Today, the MACSF Group is able to offer its members a custom experience. Customer satisfaction has naturally improved thanks to optimized adviser productivity and higher quality responses.

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