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Raja RAJA, European leader in packaging, relies on Kiamo to develop customer loyalty

÷5 Number of software systems used by the customer service
5% Time savings for the customer service teams
x1,2 Better streamlining in the processing of written requests

With 60 years of experience, the RAJA Group offers the widest range of packaging products to more than 500 000 European customers. Currently present in 16 European countries via 19 companies, the RAJA Group has established itself as a leader in its markets, exemplified by its passion for service, customers and continued innovation.

The requirement, guarantee the quality of service


The customer relations department of the RAJA Group consists of 18 contact centers distributed in various European countries. Each company in the group has a local team of packaging specialists to welcome and support the customers and take their orders. 150 sales advisers use Kiamo in the RAJA France customer relations center.

RAJA Group customer relations is based on 4 pillars essential for the correct processing of customer exchanges: qualified human resources, reliable business processes, precise managerial control, a functional and scalable software solution. RAJA relies on listening and quality of service to develop customer loyalty.

Before rolling out the Kiamo multi-channel software, the RAJA contact center operated in isolation. Advisers used more than 5 tools to manage customer exchanges (calls, emails, faxes, customer feedback, reporting, etc.). This type of operation was highly restricting for the RAJA contact center and users: configuration was tedious, advisers had to navigate between several multi-window interfaces, the supervisor could not monitor the overall activity. As a result, user productivity was affected.

The solution kiamo for cross-channel management

After comparing several solutions on the market, RAJA chose Kiamo customer exchange management software. Several visits to Kiamo users (Amaguiz, Rue du Commerce, etc.) convinced the RAJA Group that it had taken the right decision. For RAJA, Kiamo is first and foremost a functional choice. Kiamo is a natively multi-channel solution capable of handling all customer exchanges via a single interface. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool and teams quickly become autonomous, which promotes efficiency. The tool is also easy to implement and configure, requiring no specific developments.

Kiamo software was rolled out progressively. It took 4 months between launching the project with the pilot phase and putting the last batch into production. RAJA now processes data in a unified software solution: calls, emails, faxes, scanned letters, web forms, orders from the website, customer feedback and web callback. These flows are captured by Kiamo, prioritized then distributed according to business rules and the availability and skills of the advisers. The supervisor benefits from a single view to monitor the customer service activity in real time using dashboards and associated statistics.

Kiamo is a simple and intuitive solution which allowed us to modernize our contact center by grouping all our tools within a single software platform. Implementing Kiamo brought our company time savings, better productivity for advisers and quality of service.

The success of the project lies in supporting team changes, communicating, organizing training workshops and involving ambassadors. The commitment of the technical and business teams played a decisive role in the current success of Kiamo software.

Gwenn Rio Director of the Customer Relations Center, France

Concrete results boosted by intelligent routing

÷5 Number of software systems used by the customer service
5% Time savings for the customer service teams
x1,2 Better streamlining in the processing of written requests

RAJA now benefits every day from Kiamo software’s functional diversity. From a customer point of view, responses have improved in quality and speed thanks to Kiamo’s intelligent routing engine. Supervisors work faster thanks to the real time customizable supervision views and therefore spend more time helping the advisers.

Overall, the Kiamo users save on average 5% of their working time. More productive, they benefit from Kiamo’s various features to deliver qualitative answers, which significantly improves the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

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