Kiamo 7.5, a demanding new release

Kiamo 7.5

We were looking forward to unveil our new product release: it’s here!

Scalability, adviser care, internationalization… A new version imagined with you, as close as possible to business needs.

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Kiamo 7.5, a ramp-up to enrich the experience and comfort of users.

  • A version designed with Kiamo’s community
    ideas my kiamo

More than 50% of the developments implemented in version 7.5 were imagined from ideas submitted by our users via our myKiamo community platform.

  • A functional enrichment

vitaminesIn this new version, we have prioritized the experience of different user profiles, in particular through the optimization of interaction tools to help advisers in their responses.

  • Scalability & openness

scalabilitéHigh scalability allowing Kiamo to withstand ever larger volumes (of several thousand advisers), while improving the comfort of advisers.

L’ouverture de Kiamo à toutes les innovations technologiques et applications métiers est facilitée par la refonte des connecteurs.

  • Stability & security

stabilitéAs always, we are looking to strengthen the stability of the platform and improve the performance of front ends and modules.

But 7.5 also comes with reinforced security, labeled OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

  • Internationalization 

internationalisationKiamo continues its international development and releases its interfaces in ITALIAN. The solution is now available in 5 languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Italian!

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