Interview : Nam Tran, The Kooples

Customer Orientation. A topic of current interest we were able to discuss with several experts. Please meet Nam Tran, Global Head of Client Experience at The Kooples, who shares with us his feedback and best practices.

At The Kooples, you are honest enough to say that customer orientation is not an innate notion for the brand, but that it is a progressive awareness

Like many brands, The Kooples has long focused on the product, with a very aggressive communication and recruitment strategy. We were very transactional and not behavioral. And it is a disaster! If we don’t take good care of the customer, in the end, it has a strong impact on their loyalty with a high churn rate. Based on this observation, we launched an audit to find out what was our customers’ experience with the brand. With the help of a UX firm, we identified the friction points in the customer journey, then created a customer plan to activate the levers for improving and optimizing the customer experience.

How to adjust tactics and commit to move towards greater customer orientation?

This is real groundwork. A few months ago, I joined the management committee and created a Customer Experience department. This enabled me to bring customer issues internally and get as many people on board as possible. Verbatim reports and comments on social networks make it possible to heighten their awareness of the voice of the customer and to mobilize them on the issues raised. It’s a real change that is taking place in the background and if we do not convince the managers, it cannot work.

In the end, how do you measure the impact of this new orientation on customers and their satisfaction?

The Net Promoter Score remains a great benchmark. In terms of management, I look very closely at the customer retention rate. This is a good way to know if all the actions taken so far have had an impact on the customer’s lifecycle. In addition, I observe customer value, what it represents in terms of turnover. These are pretty meaningful KPIs in terms of the impact of the experience on the business. These results represent real arguments for the CEO and the shareholders; they legitimize our actions in favor of the customer.

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