EACH INTERACTION becomes unique

With Kiamo’s smart flow distribution engine, you optimize each interaction. We have developed a solution that can be customized in real time, with no special technical skills: predefined responses, silent identification, customer follow-up history, etc. We help you improve the relational quality of your contact center.

Smart engine KIAMO FEATURE

A SMOOTH JOURNEY on all channels

From order to support, we make sure you are present throughout the customer’s life. Our solution allows you to guide your customers as they navigate through your website. Relying on various functions such as web targeting, the adviser can quickly help the customer via instant chat tools, a simple call further to silent identification or via the social networks, irrespective of the request.

Answer your customers’ questions using Kiamo.



Create brand ambassadors who embrace your company’s values and inspire others to do the same. For an exceptional customer experience, you need to offer a similar experience to your consultants. A tangible symmetry of attention that, thanks to Kiamo, will allow you to reap the benefits of this virtuous circle.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you exchange with your customers ?

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