Customer Experience, The alchemy of emotions

Over the last few years, emotion has become a major subject in marketing. While Customer Relations are becoming increasingly difficult to understand, the new challenge of companies is to «create, reinstill emotion» in customer relations.

Emotion is in fact a vast field open to exploration: neurosciences, social sciences, neuromarketing, etc.

But what exactly do we mean by emotion in customer relations? Is it a vain attempt to recover customers drifting away? Or on the contrary, is it a reality that the brands too often forget? And more specifically, is it possible to «reinstill emotion in customer relations»?

The Kiamo teams worked in partnership with two eminent scientists to give you the answers to this topical subject:

  • Mathieu Lajante is an assistant professor of marketing at Laval University, faculty of Administration Sciences (FSA ULaval) in Quebec.. He conducts research on consumer neuroscience and the influence of emotions on organizational behavior.
  • Erwan Deveze is the founding manager of Neuroperformance Consulting. He is also a lecturer in neurosciences, neuromanagement and neuroleadership.

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