Hybrid cloud : new horizon for contact centers

The cloud is everywhere: whether private, public or hybrid, it permeates the public as well as the private spaces. Its storage capacity and flexibility seem almost limitless.

The contact centre deals with its individual or professional customers on daily, personal (leisure activities, etc.) or even sensitive (health, finance, etc.) matters. The cloud – hybrid in particular – is creating a kind of revolution by opening up new potential: dialogue with third-party solutions, management of large volumes of data, multi-site work, while maintaining a high level of security and confidentiality…

For what use? What benefit to the customer? This is the challenge of this type of hosting…
In order to see clearly, let’s try to describe the contours with the help of a complete guide of choice and step by step… Enjoy !

With the participation of our integrator partners :

  • Foliateam
  • NXO
  • SYD
  • Orange Business Services
  • Telsi
  • Komeo

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