Employee Experience the new eldorado for contact center


Employee Experience, the new eldorado for contact centers.

the pandemic revealed new purchasing behaviors and trends that require new responses and new ways to respond.
In light of this, companies must now consider their employees as their first customers and provide them with a desirable experience: how can we deliver meaning and get employee buy-in with respect to corporate values? How can we validate the work of advisers to deliver an optimal employee experience?

Find in this White paper, a few keys to build a rewarding employee experience at all levels of the company, through testimonials, analyzes and good practices.

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Gilles Verrier Identité RH

The shift to knowledge work, where the employee primarily manages relationships and information, means that the level of engagement has more direct consequences on performance. For employees in charge of customer relations, for example, the results are not at all the same depending on the person’s energy and involvement.

Interview Gilles Verrier, Identité RH
gilles verrier

Thierry Spencer Académie du Service

It’s important to strengthen the customer interfaces and employee interfaces with a unified solution. Employees who have to work with several different software programs and databases, and who do not have user-friendly tools, are asymmetrically equipped. This has a significant negative impact on their motivation.

Interview Thierry Spencer, The Académie du Service
Thierry spencer

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