digitize all your documents

Digitization solutions enable you to scan all your documents: letters, faxes, purchase orders, etc.
Kiamo centralizes your digitized files for targeted distribution to the most competent advisers.

  • Automatic or manual distribution of digitized files
  • Document service categorization and prioritization
  • Bulk task imports
  • Integration with the main EDM tools on the market

Manage all your documents in a single interface

Thanks to Kiamo, advisers process the documents distributed to them. These documents can also be viewed and used as attachments during exchanges with customers: calls, emails, chat, etc.

  • Listing of documents and related interactions
  • Document service history
  • Response support tools during file processing
  • Cross-channel use of digitized files
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monitor the processing of digitized files

Kiamo enables you to monitor document management in real-time. Customizable dashboards and reports are available to assess document activity performance.

  • More than 30 document service-specific indicators
  • Process control and verification system
  • Personal interventions with advisers
  • Printable and exportable statistical reports

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