Configure your email services in just a few clicks

Kiamo makes it easy to set up queues for inbound and outbound emails.

  • Unlimited configuration of email services
  • Choice of delivery mode: automatic, manual or mixed
  • Definition of processing priority

Distribute your e-mails to the right advisors

Kiamo automatically filters and distributes your emails to the most appropriate advisors, according to the rules you define. The customizable routing script allows you to direct emails according to different criteria: keywords, subjects, fields, variables, etc.

  • Intelligent email analysis and pre-qualification engine
  • Optimized distribution
  • Reduced processing times

Answer your customer emails efficiently

Advisors deliver fast, relevant answers through the unified Kiwi interface. Knowledge bases, writing tools and access to the history of previous interactions facilitate their work.

  • Charted template library with phrases and customization fields
  • Comprehensive text editor and spell checker
  • Quick and easy integration of information from the knowledge base
  • Validation by a supervisor before dispatch if required

Measure the quality of the emails and your performance

Supervisors can customize their supervision views to effectively manage their activities and visualize key KPIs at a glance. Consolidated email activity statistics are available.

  • More than 40 reports dedicated to emails
  • Supervision views adapted to all types of medium
  • Exportable and printable dashboards
  • Real-time interactions with advisers: messages, status, etc.

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