The crisis has provided many opportunities for contact centers Looking back on an intense period

Move forward

« I either win or learn »

What have we learned in the last few months in our contact center activities?

The period has been rewarding, to say the least, with a focus on teleworking, increased customer interactions, dealing with activity peaks and slowdowns while maintaining

  • the same quality of service,
  • a short average processing time,
  • an optimal Customer Effort Score

What do the coming months have in store for us?  

Contact centers have once again demonstrated that they are crucial to Customer Relations, thanks to their expertise in omnichannel solutions (telephone, email, chat, social media). Those of us who resisted best were undoubtedly the best prepared.

More than ever, our customer service activity has demonstrated its usefulness, embracing major societal trends and reinforcing its strategic nature.

Quels apprentissages ?

Contact Centers are crucial to handling new challenges  

Let’s look at just two examples.

  • Healthcare ? This is a major challenge, which a wide range of stakeholders are involved in, and which the French (and Europeans) will have to address using new digital practices
  • Insurance ? Businesses and individuals alike will be increasingly attentive to security in their daily lives, as a way to feel safe when faced with the new challenges of our time.

Contact centers will grow, multiply and specialize, complementing existing systems (agencies, shops, etc.), as they have proved to be indispensable across all communication channels.

Contact Centers in the footsteps of Darwin

The future will belong to Contact Centers that tailor their level of activity to the needs, connect teleworkers via networks and choose highly scalable solutions, in order to manage ever-increasing volumes (several thousand advisers in some cases).

One of the key factors for success will be providing intuitive, convenient tools for advisers to enable them to handle fluctuations in activity under the best conditions, with optimal productivity, for an optimized Adviser Experience.

Ensuring that the advisers are happy also means offering a unique customer experience that can make all the difference, whatever the circumstances.

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