exchange using the main messaging apps

Kiamo enables advisers to respond in real-time or asynchronously to customer requests via messaging applications and direct messages from social networks.

  • Native management of Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messages
  • Creation of customized connectors with all applications on the market
Principales applications de messagerie

process all SMS messages

With Kiamo, advisers can exchange directly with customers by SMS. The SMS messages are sorted, prioritized and distributed to the most competent advisers based on predefined business rules.

  • Direct insertion of responses from the knowledge base
  • PUSH notifications alerting customers on receipt of each new message
  • Fully customizable operator connectors
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centralize messages in a conversation

Kiamo pools all exchanges from private messaging systems and SMS messages in a single conversation thread. The adviser can thus view the Messaging history and continue the conversation after selecting the appropriate channel.

  • Native cross-channel messaging management
  • Pooling of messaging applications and SMS messaging
  • Messaging history traceability and archiving
Centralise messages in a single conversation thread

Monitor the messaging activity of your customer service

Kiamo uses real-time supervision views and dashboards including messaging indicators.
All conversations are archived in the history, and can be viewed at any time by the advisers.

  • Nearly 30 messaging-specific indicators
  • The messaging supervision views are fully customizable
  • Exportable and printable consolidated reports
  • Message history from all applications
Monitor your customer service’s messaging activity

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