Easily configure your video services

With Kiamo, video-conference services are easy to configure. Adding just one button to the website enables click-to-video. This enables customers to initiate video communication with an adviser.

  • Creation of an unlimited number of video services
  • Native association with call services
  • Smart video task distribution
  • Video-conference template customization
Easily configure your video services

process your video exchanges in a single interface

With Kiamo, advisers can manage all video exchanges in a single interface. The adviser is informed of the video-conference request. Moreover, he/she receives context-sensitive response support to assist the customer.

  • Direct video exchange actions: putting on hold, notes, qualifications, etc.
  • Video-specific response support
  • Full-screen customer webcam display
  • Video-conference options: sound, camera and microphone activation
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Process your video exchanges from a single interface

Make the most of video-conferencing features

Kiamo video-conferencing provides customers with more human assistance. Thanks to Kiamo, they can choose whether to be visible, or to simply enable their microphone. This human contact is reassuring for customers.

  • Activation or not of the webcam and associated sound
  • Sharing and screenshot features
  • Full-screen video exchange display
  • Customer webcam preview
Exploiter fonctionnalités visioconférence

measure video exchange performance

Kiamo uses real-time supervision views and consolidated dashboards to monitor video activity. These interfaces allow supervisors to measure the impact of video-conferencing on the contact center.

  • More than 50 video-conference-specific indicators
  • Customization of video-specific indicators
  • Retrieval of video-conference statistics
  • Export and printing of these reports
Mesurer performances vidéoconférences

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