Video as an augmented media

More than a simple video exchange, take full advantage of the functions offered to the advisor to collect information useful for solving the customer’s case:

  • Remote image capture / photo-taking (e.g.: damaged parcel, claim, defective product, etc.)
  • Geolocation with the customer’s agreement (e.g.: locating a broken-down vehicle, a problem in a locality)
  • Sending a file (e.g. instructions for use, product documentation, etc.)
  • Opening a web page (e.g.: redirection to FAQ, selfcare, general sales conditions, etc.)
screen speakylink - vidéo

Reduce your costs and carbon footprint

Using video allows you to be more efficient and productive. By seeing the situation described by the customer, you can :

  • solve their problem more quickly (technical assistance, after-sales, help with getting started, etc.)
  • make the right decision more quickly (claims management, technical expertise, etc.).

Reduce your costs by reducing your interventions and the number of trips made by your technicians (on average, €65/trip).


Easy to use Plug & Play

Offer your customers the option of switching to a video call at the click of a button, whatever their equipment : smartphone, tablet or computer. No software to deploy, either on the customer’s or the advisor’s side.

  • Independent of operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.) and browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.).
  • Can be activated during a call
  • Secure exchanges: all flows are encrypted (HTTPS, DTLS, SRTP)
  • RGPD compliant. Every action is subject to customer acceptance.
multidevice - vidéo

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