Route your calls using a customizable IVR server

With the Kiamo IVR server, your customers access the information they need independently.

  • IVR scenario construction graphic studio
  • Numerous routing functions (DTMF, transfers, etc.)
  • Dedicated adviser, callback, overflows and dissuasion
  • Intuitive implementation of the voice customer path
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Configure queues adapted to your customers

Kiamo allows you to configure the processing of inbound calls, from the time they arrive in the queue until they leave the service. Kiamo allows you to adapt your queues to customer behavior.

  • Simple Drag&Drop configuration
  • Management of audio messages and announcements
  • Distribution according to availability of advisers
  • Distribution adjusted according to the wait time
Discover KIWI The adviser application

Manage inbound calls in complete simplicity

With Kiamo, advisers process inbound calls via a unique interface. All the customer data they need is displayed in customizable screen pop-ups: CRM, knowledge base, conversation guides, etc.

  • Direct actions on the call: transfer, put on hold, etc.
  • Notes and qualification entered in real time
  • Manual or automatic screen pop-ups
  • Triggering of recordings
Kiwi by Kiamo

Control in real time the activity of your advisers

Kiamo allows you to supervise the processing of calls by advisers in real time. The supervision views can be customized and adapt to all media. Kiamo also offers reporting tools dedicated to inbound calls.

  • More than 70 indicators dedicated to inbound calls
  • Adviser interaction: listening, prompting, etc.
  • Complete history of all inbound calls
  • Exportable and printable consolidated reports
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