Configure your Live Chat sessions simply

Deploy Chat on your website in just a few clicks. Customize the appearance of your invitations and chat windows. Distribute Chat sessions to the most competent advisers available.

  • Easy Live Chat activation thanks to a simple tag
  • Creation of an unlimited number of chat queues for your websites
  • Chat session appearance customization
  • Automatic message configuration

chat with your visitors in a dedicated interface

Kiamo allows you to manage multiple chat conversations simultaneously in an adapted interface. Prepare your responses thanks to advance viewing of the text entered by your various visitors.

  • Distribution of Chat sessions according to availabilities and priorities
  • Real-time preview of the text entered by the visitor
  • Activation of context-sensitive screen pop-ups
  • Addition of notes, qualifications and consultation of related data
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monitor in real time the visitor browsing journey

Web targeting is used to send chat invitations to visitors. The co-browsing, browsing-journey monitoring and response support features optimize adviser efficiency.

  • Context-sensitive screen pop-ups (CRM, customer file, directories, video)
  • Response support tools (knowledge base, history, shopping cart amount, etc.)
  • Display of the page currently being visited (co-browsing).
  • Browsing-journey monitoring (pages visited, durations, scoring, etc.)

supervise the performance of your advisers on the Chat channel

Kiamo supervision views allow you to monitor the activities of the Chat advisers in real time. Exportable and printable dashboards are also available. Kiamo logs all chat conversations with visitors.

  • More than 40 reports dedicated to Chat sessions
  • Precise indicators (number of messages handled, response times, etc.)
  • Fully customizable supervision views for Chat
  • Real-time support for advisers: messages, statuses, etc.

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